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Christmas Trees and Memories: Inspired by MGIS’ The Giving Tree

"The Giving Tree" is an entry to Dusit Thani Hotel's:
 A Hundred Voices, Ten Hopes, One Christmas Story 2012

We hope that you’ll find time to visit The Giving Tree in Dusit at any time between November 15th and December 28th.  

Help us win in this contest by clicking on the LIKE button on the Fan Page of Dusit Thani Manila, then click LIKE on the photo of MGIS’ “The Giving Tree”.  By the way, every P500 spent in Dusit will also entitle you to a ballot to be used for voting. Should MGIS win, the cash prize we will be receiving will be donated to the Tahanang Walang Hagdan and Hospicio de San Jose.  

When asked to draw anything on a blank sheet of paper, "trees" is my favorite subject. 

Since childhood, I would often compare myself to a tree. That is because, just like it, I need the basic things to survive... I grow, I’m fruitful (I suppose), and I give my resources to benefit others.

I have encountered many trees in my life, real and artificial. But, I don’t just look at them; I listen to them. Every tree has its own story.

(Aratilis Photo courtesy of Coconuter)

Nearly 30 years ago, we had a favorite aratilis tree in front of Gagalangin Unida Church in Manila where my cousins and I would play every afternoon either pretend gun fighting using sticks or hide-and-seek…Until the tree was unexpectedly cut-off to death. 

As kids, my playmates and I felt really sad about it since it was the sole tree standing in the garden. Indirectly, a symbol of joy and childhood was compromised. Ask my batchmates, for sure, they still remember that aratilis tree.

At the Yellow House-- Meet my Mum and only brother Royce.  Behind them is the mango tree that has witnessed many current celebrations  and  acquaintances in the family. As you may notice in this photo, it doesn't have much branches. Ask my Dad who felt truly annoyed about having the stems and branches trimmed.

Christmas Trees 2012 and More...
Trees may speak of travels,people and places. Above are the Christmas trees I've met in Singapore on the date stamped on the photos.
The trees behind this Hillsong landmark  are witnesses of my unforgettable trip in Sydney, as well as  a wonderful reunion with a good UST High School friend Cindy.

Chifly Park, New South Wales

Sydney Australia-- Town Hall on my background 
(Check out that bluish-purple jacaranda tree)

Trees are memories of seasons. That bluish-purple jacaranda tree will always remind me of Sydney, Australia. It was abundant during the time of my visit to Australia this spring (to summer) month of November 2012.

Behind my sons Zecheriah (L) and Ezekiel (R)  is the current Christmas Tree at Diamond Hotel Manila where the family celebrated mine and my husband's 12th Wedding Anniversary on November 11, 2012

Diamond Hotel Manila,November 11,2012-- Celebrating our 12th Wedding Anniversary.Behind me and my husband is Diamond Hotel's  Christmas Tree  for 2012.

By the way, here's our group photo with Diamond Hotel's Christmas Tree last year (2011) on the background. That tree witnessed a grand celebration of our 11th wedding anniversary last 11.11.11!

Now, I'm off to Dusit Thani Hotel to attend the lighting ceremony of another meaningful tree... 

The Giving Tree
by Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS

The Giving Tree is a 10 ft. tall by 6 ft. wide Christmas tree made up of shoe boxes covered in green and red wrappers, individually and creatively designed by the Primary Years Programme (PYP) kids, and piled up to the shape of a triangular tree. Inside each box is a special gift by the pupil for a chosen beneficiary.

Our Yule tree design has sprung out of the realization that international school MGIS being an inter-cultural community with students of different backgrounds and religions, acknowledges that the Christian concept of Christmas is all about the universal values of love and giving.  In general, Christmas in MGIS is being observed all-year round. 

So fitting is MGIS’ tree model with our values tutelage known as MGIS CERT—Compassion, Empathy, Respect, Tolerance. “The Giving Tree” is greatly reflective of compassion and empathy.

What’s more, our tree is ecologically friendly since nothing in the tree (from top to bottom) will be wasted.  Everything will be purposely utilized for a worthy cause. For instance, the round base will be transformed into a table, and donated to the Barangay Day Care afterwards. The aluminum tabs and aluminum soda cans will be donated to the Tahanang Walang Hagdan where they are being used in making canes, wheelchairs etc.

By midnight (November 16, 2012) until December 28th, you may  vote for "The Giving Tree" on Dusit Thani Hotel's Facebook Fan Page... Join us, please and be a dynamic channel to touching people's lives this Christmas.

Next time, when you see a tree, listen to the story it says. 

Together, we can make a difference!

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